Project Browser Initiative Is Collecting Feedback

The developers of Drupal Project Browser Initiative are on the lookout for some feedback. They have created a form for the Drupal community to fill out. It will arguably take only five minutes of your time to respond to a survey that will help a lot.

"The Project Browser team is looking at the module pages that will be displayed within the project browser and would appreciate it if people would take 5 minutes to complete a survey on the information they look for on project pages on,"

reported James Shields through TheDropTimes News and Articles Submission Form.

The survey consists of only a few questions. The opening question aims to find what a user would want to see while trying to find a module to solve a specific problem. A follow-up question is about the opposite scenario where there is no particular problem to address but is browsing through a module page.

Any site builder or those new to Drupal who are following this channel - we especially need your insight into what information is most valuable to you when "browsing" for modules on  Please help us by spending around 5 minutes filling out the survey at

Leslie Glynn requested in Drupal Slack for Project Browser. 

If you are interested in helping out the Project Browser team, you can fill out the form here. Your valuable opinion might help the initiative to serve the community better. So why wait? Just contribute! 

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