Open Source North Conference Announced the Lineup of Speakers

Open Source North Conference has announced the lineup of speakers for their upcoming virtual event. Speakers will include:

  • Respected industry leaders.
  • Innovators in open-source technology.
  • Pioneers who are driving the future of open-source development.

Attendees can expect to hear from some of the top minds in the open-source world and learn about the newest advancements in the space.

Attendees can use the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and gain valuable knowledge from the experts. The event will provide an opportunity to explore the latest trends in open-source technology and how to best leverage open-source solutions for their projects.

Early Bird tickets for the Open Source North Conference will go on sale starting Monday, March 20. Don't wait; get your tickets early and save on this one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience.

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