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Robbie Holmes

Robbie Holmes has had quite the run when it comes to his career. He has worked with government agencies and very big clients, has organized events, and successfully runs his business, advising other businesses.

Robbie is the founder of Holmes Consulting Group Inc. and is presenting a session at the Drupal Camp New Jersey 2023 (DCNJ) titled, 'From Drupal NYC to the White House and beyond...' As part of our engagement with the DCNJ, we contacted him over Slack requesting an interview, and he agreed to talk to TheDropTimes (TDT) on Zoom. Our sub-editor Alethia Braganza did the interview, and incidentally, this is our first video interview published on this site.

Robbie shares his vast experience with Drupal and the Drupal Community. He also talks about his community-building expertise in this interview. The central theme in this conversation is the impact one could impart on society. Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

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