Chromatic's Podcast Discusses the Implications of Drupal 7 EOL

Chromatic, a leading Drupal development agency, has published a podcast featuring Chris Free, President at Chromatic, and Mark Dorison, Chief Technology Officer at Chromatic, to discuss the challenges of managing a Drupal 7 site once it reaches its end-of-life (EOL) date.

Drupal 7, a widely used content management system, is set to reach its EOL in November 2022. While the code will remain open-source, it will not receive any updates, patches, or security fixes from Drupal developers. This poses a significant risk to the security and stability of websites still using Drupal 7.

In the podcast, Chris and Mark discuss the potential dangers of continuing to operate a Drupal 7 site after its EOL, likening it to living in a frontier town without any infrastructure or support when things go wrong. The podcast emphasizes the importance of migrating off Drupal 7 before it reaches its EOL date to ensure website security and avoid potential problems.

As Dorison notes,

"The end of the story remains the same. We must migrate off of Drupal 7 before it enters end-of-life."

Chromatic is committed to helping organizations transition to newer versions of Drupal or alternative content management systems to ensure website security and stability.

To listen to the full podcast episode, visit Chromatic's website or stream it on popular podcast platforms.

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