Jacob Rockowitz Creates Schema.org Blueprints Demo for Decoupled Drupal Distributions

29 March, 2023

Jacob Rockowitz, a well-known Drupal developer and software architect, has recently shared a blog post titled "Exploring Decoupled/Headless Drupal Distributions While Building the Schema.org Blueprints Demo." In the post, Jacob Rockowitz discusses his experience creating a demo module that demonstrates the best content authoring and administration user experience.

The Schema.org Blueprints Demo module provides a fully progressive decoupled instance of Drupal and goes beyond content modelling. The module also switches Drupal's admin and site theme to the Gin Admin Theme with Dashboards, providing a complete user experience.

Jacob examined several popular decoupled Drupal distributions for inspiration to build the demo module, including Contenta and Acquia CMS. Jacob praises Contenta's contribution to Drupal's move towards headless, saying that their statement, "It's all about the content," represents the future of Drupal.

Jacob also notes that the Contenta CMS is a "Fork & Go solution," which aligns with Drupal's Recipe initiative. The Recipe initiative aims to provide organizations with componentized functionality that gives them a good starting point and allows them to customize and tailor their web presence to their unique needs.

Jacob has created the Schema.org Blueprints module, allowing organizations to share reusable and standardized content models. This will be a great addition to Drupal's ecosystem of modules and will help organizations collaborate and share functionality.

Overall, Jacob's blog post highlights the collaborative and innovative nature of the Drupal community. The Recipe initiative will further strengthen the community's ability to share and collaborate on functionality, while the Schema.org Blueprints module will help organizations create reusable and standardized content models.

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