Tips for Optimizing Website Performance and SEO with .htaccess Patching

Martin Anderson, a Drupal developer, recently shared a blog post titled "Patching .htaccess for SEO." In the blog,  Martin Anderson discusses how to optimize your website for performance and SEO by modifying Drupal's default .htaccess file.

Anderson notes that anyone looking to improve their website's Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights score will see suggestions to increase the cache lifetime of static assets, such as images and fonts, to at least one year and at least one month for assets like CSS and Javascript files. While it's possible to set this cache lifetime site-wide, Anderson suggests that setting a shorter cache lifetime for your content than your static assets can be achieved with minimal effort.

To do this, Anderson recommends modifying Drupal's default .htaccess file, the easiest way to set the cache lifetime for static assets on sites hosted on Apache webservers. These modifications can be done with minimal effort and help optimize your site for performance and SEO.

Anderson emphasizes that these steps are just one aspect of the larger journey of optimizing your site, but they are important in addressing suggestions that Drupal site owners often receive during performance testing. Following these steps can improve your website's performance and SEO without too much effort.

Overall, Anderson's blog post provides valuable insights for Drupal developers looking to optimize their website's performance and SEO. By modifying the .htaccess file and setting the cache lifetime for static assets, site owners can improve their website's Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights score and provide a better user experience.

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