Key Benefits of Using Open Source Software

Open Source platforms provide control, access, and ownership of the source code
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When it comes to building a website, many things demand our attention. Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for the project will be an important decision to make. Many seasoned developers suggest an Open Source CMS over a Proprietary one.

In a blog published on the CommonPlaces website, Ethan Aho describes the benefits of Open-Source software like Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel.

First of all, what makes Open Source software unique? It is the control, access, and ownership of the source code. The developer can download, read, and modify the code. On the contrary, proprietary software is owned, managed, and maintained by the company or individual who created it. If a website is built with such software, you lack the power to modify the underlying code.

Most Open Source software is covered under the GNU General Public License. It ensures that the code is accessible to the public. Open Source platforms also develop thriving communities around them. The communities continuously work on solving problems and creating new features and code updates. Proprietary platforms allow only internal developers to play this role. Thus, you might have to wait for a longer time to get a problem solved.

Choosing an Open Source platform doesn’t mean the new website will be free. While the code is free and has no licensing fee, other expenses arise, like labor, hosting, and occasional third-party costs. The blog says that Open Source platforms like Drupal are often less expensive than proprietary ones. At the same time, they are more flexible and have a long life since they are developed by communities rather than just one developer or company.

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