MidCamp Regular Registrations to End Tomorrow


Regular admission registration for MidCamp 2023 ends tomorrow. Priced at $100 per person, the regular registration is for individuals paying their way to camp. This price covers the costs of attending over 30 sessions, food, and more!

The regular registration ends on April 05, 2023, 11:59 pm Central Time, three weeks before camp. It would enable the organizers to get the catering numbers finalized.

Apart from the regular admissions, you can also look out for Late/Corporate Admission priced at $200, available online until camp starts and then at the door. It’s priced for attendees with generous professional development budgets and helps make up for the impact on the camp organizer’s catering costs for folks who buy at the last minute.

All students, whether in college, in a boot camp, or otherwise furthering their education, would benefit from joining the MidCamp and learning about the Drupal community. The student registration fee is priced at $25.

Refer to the MidCamp Website for more registration information.

MidCamp is happening on April 26-28, 2023. This Chicago-area event brings together the free and open-source Drupal content management system’s designers, developers, users, and evaluators.

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