Gitlab's 7 Day Online Hackathon in Progress till 30th April


Gitlab plans an online event called Hackathon from 23rd to 30th April, 2023. The Hackathon is a virtual event available to everyone who wants to contribute code, translations, UX designs, and other things to GitLab. Participating in GitLab's Hackathon allows you to work on topics that are important to you and enhance your skills and experience while being part of a global, diverse, and inclusive team of contributors and GitLab staff members.

If anyone is interested in contributing to here is your opportunity. Participants get prizes for having merge requests (MRs) merged that benefit all projects in the gitlab-org and gitlab-com groups.

Prior to the Hackathon RSVP at the event. Identify a problem and write a remark indicating your willingness to work on it. This reduces the likelihood of numerous persons working on the same topic. Mark the dates in your calendar or sign up for the GitLab Developer Evangelism calendar, which includes the Hackathon dates and calls.

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