Features of Symfony 6.2 at a Glance

Using Symfony in combination with Drupal helps developers to create more maintainable solutions
24 April, 2023

Symfony is a leading PHP framework for creating websites and web applications. It is an open-source framework that helps developers build complex PHP web applications.

Many of Symfony’s reusable components are included in the Drupal core library. These components are integrated into thousands of projects and have been downloaded numerous times.

A new blog post published by Evolving Web provides details about the latest version of the Symfony framework. According to the blog, using Symfony with Drupal helps developers create more maintainable solutions.

With the arrival of Drupal 10, Drupal has integrated Symfony more tightly. Drupal 10 relies on Symfony 6.2 as its underlying technology stack.

The latest version of Symfony comes with exciting features for Drupal 10 developers. According to the post, the best new features in Symfony 6.2 are as follows:

  • PSR-4 Route Loader

This new feature provides a faster, more efficient way of finding route attributes defined in PHP classes.

  • More Built-in Attributes

Cache, security, templates, and Doctrine annotations are core in Symfony 6.2

  • New UID Features

Symfony 6.2 supports UUID Version 7 and UUID Version 8 formats.

  • Better Debugging Commands

Symfony 6.2 features improved commands for debugging issues while developing applications.

  • Redesign of Profiler

Symfony 6.2 comes with a redesigned profiler. The redesign offers a modern look and feel.

To learn more about Symfony 6.2 and to read the blog post, follow this link.


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