Drupal 8 Security and Hardening Modules by Golems Gabb

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Golems Gabb, a company that specializes in open source solutions, released a blog article on 28 April 2023 titled 'Drupal 8 Security Best Practices & Hardening Modules'

The blog offers an overview of Drupal 8 security recommended practices and suggestions for hardening Drupal 8 modules. It emphasizes the significance of keeping Drupal core and contributed modules up to date with the most recent security fixes to avoid vulnerabilities and attacks.

To improve the security of Drupal sites, the author suggests adopting security modules such as Security Review, Automated Logout, and Password Policy. In addition, the blog recommends employing safe coding practices such as input validation and output sanitization to prevent attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

It teaches how to use Drupal's built-in security tools to prevent potential security issues, such as the Trusted Hosts and File System settings. To further protect Drupal 8 sites, the author recommends employing a web application firewall (WAF) and implementing server-level security features such as HTTPS and secure file permissions. The article emphasizes the significance of continual monitoring and maintenance to ensure Drupal sites' continued security.

Golems Gabb is a team of developers. Their work includes strategy, design, and development across various industries.

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