Drupal Accelerator and Its Advantages: Blog Post

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A recent article published by Ixis introduces Drupal Accelerator, a comprehensive and cost-effective starter kit developed by the CTI Group in collaboration with the Ixis. Drupal Accelerator aims to streamline website development by providing a pre-packaged solution with commonly used features and functionality.

The article highlights the benefits of Drupal Accelerator, including improved implementation timescales, cost efficiencies, and the ability to prioritize custom development while adhering to best practices. It emphasizes that Drupal Accelerator serves as a starting point for website builds, saving time on setting up standard features and allowing organizations to focus on building their competitive advantage.

The article explains that by using Drupal Accelerator as a foundation, organizations can allocate more budget to specific features and requirements, enhancing their website's uniqueness and staying competitive in the market.

The article also discusses the risk reduction provided by Drupal Accelerator, as it expedites the development process and enables earlier content entry and testing. It emphasizes that by addressing standard functionality upfront, web development time can be dedicated to building a user-friendly CMS platform and improving overall efficiency.

Additionally, the article highlights the cost-saving aspect of Drupal Accelerator by reducing development time and enabling the allocation of budget towards enhancing the web experience. The open-source nature of Drupal ensures flexibility and cost predictability for future transitions or vendor changes. The author suggests that combining Drupal Accelerator with a support retainer package can further enhance performance, resolve issues, and reduce long-term ownership costs. Click here to read the article.

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