IXIS Unveils Drupal Accelerator for Web Advancement

Making the decision to upgrade a website is a strategic endeavour that involves substantial investments of effort, time, and money. Whether the motivation behind the upgrade is to enhance the content management system (CMS) platform's performance or to improve the user experience, ensuring that the upgrade provides the best value for your investment is paramount.

The quest for maximum efficiency and results is a universal goal when it comes to web development. IXIS, recognized as one of the most experienced Drupal development agencies in Europe, has embarked on an extensive journey to understand and streamline the process of building with Drupal. Their recent blog post, "Drupal Accelerator: How to gain competitive advantage using Drupal," authored by Heather H., unveils a transformative approach to website development that can significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with web projects.

The concept behind Drupal Accelerator is clear: it's not just about gaining a competitive edge; it's about creating the platform that empowers you to allocate your budget to achieve that edge. By providing a robust starting point for website development, Drupal Accelerator eliminates the need to recreate the wheel with every project. This means that organizations can allocate their resources and time to defining and implementing their unique features and requirements, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Drupal Accelerator is that it eliminates the need for extended development cycles. Traditional Drupal development often requires multiple sprints before a fully functional content management system can be put to use. Content entry typically occurs later in the development process, leaving limited time for content migration and introducing inherent risks.

With Drupal Accelerator, this paradigm is disrupted. The framework offers a springboard for building a new website, whether it's an upgrade of an existing site or a brand-new project. By providing a foundation where common, standard functionality has been preconfigured, Drupal Accelerator liberates web developers to focus on what truly matters - establishing a competitive advantage through an exceptional user experience.

Rather than diverting time and resources to ensure that foundational components function harmoniously, Drupal Accelerator allows teams to concentrate on their specific website requirements. The result is a website that not only impresses end-users but also streamlines the workflow for back-end users.

For a more detailed understanding of this innovative approach, we encourage you to read the full blog post authored by Heather H.

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