Tips and Tricks to Master Drupal: Blog Post

24 May, 2023

Drupal's learning curve has always been a matter of discussion in the tech circles. Some find it steeper and difficult to learn while others opine that it is simple and easy to crack. In fact anyone, regardless of their experience levels can master Drupal if they put in some effort. An article published by Golems GABB discusses the learning curve of Drupal, emphasizing the challenges faced by newcomers and the importance of structuring the learning process effectively. 

It highlights several factors that can make learning Drupal difficult, including the scarcity of active users providing help on forums, outdated information, and complex documentation. The article recommends using specialized tools, structured training materials, and gradually increasing knowledge to overcome the initial stage of learning. It suggests that self-study and the ability to use Google effectively are crucial for progressing in Drupal. 

The article outlines four stages of learning Drupal, starting from understanding the system's terminology and structure, to self-study and problem-solving, to learning Drupal development, and finally gaining confidence and becoming a specialist. It emphasizes the need for continuous learning and improvement to succeed in the field. The article concludes by encouraging perseverance, seeking mentors or guidance, and embracing a growth mindset to become a skilled Drupal developer. Follow this link to read the blog post and know more.

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