CCO Steve Gale Discusses the Next Steps for CTI Digital

24 May, 2023

After undergoing six acquisitions and receiving a $25 million cash boost the company's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) shares insights into their plans and highlights three key areas of focus.

First, the CCO emphasizes the importance of specialization in the client services industry. Instead of being a generalist, the company aims to narrow its focus and specialize in specific areas. This approach allows them to stand out in the market, attract more clients, and maintain a steady sales pipeline. The CCO acknowledges the need for continuous refinement and adaptation as technologies and market demands evolve.

The second key aspect addressed is stress management. Running a business, especially during uncertain times like a pandemic, can be overwhelming. The CCO advises finding effective stress management techniques tailored to individual needs, ranging from therapy to exercise. Prioritizing mental and emotional well-being is crucial for long-term success and resilience.

Lastly, the blog post highlights the value of independence and freedom that comes with running one's own business or being an independent contractor. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, the rewards and personal fulfillment obtained from being in control of one's career path and decision-making are significant.

In summary, the post emphasizes the importance of specialization in client services, the need for effective stress management, and the value of independence and freedom in the business world. These insights provide valuable guidance for individuals and agencies navigating the digital industry.

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