Patricia Moreno Luna to Deliver Keynote Address at Drupal Iberia 2024

Drupal Iberia 2024 Keynote Speaker: Patricia Moreno Luna

Drupal Iberia 2024 has proudly announced Patricia Moreno Luna as its second keynote speaker. Her keynote session is titled "Communities and Knowledge Empowerment: The Human Side of Technology." Her talk will explore whether technology serves as a path to individualism or a bridge to creativity and collaboration.

Drupal Iberia is the first major Drupal event in Iberia. It is organized jointly by the Portuguese and Spanish Drupal Associations ahead of DrupalCon Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The camp will be held at PACT—Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia at Évora, Portugal, on May 10 and 11. 

Patricia Moreno Luna
Patricia Moreno Luna

Patricia Moreno Luna is a Sound and Image Engineer in Telecommunications with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master's Degree in Decision-Making and Innovation. She has been linked to the technology sector for over fifteen years, working for companies such as Telefónica, Accenture, etc. She is currently the Extremadura Culture and Ecosystem Lead and a Project Manager at Accenture. With her vast background, she has acquired a wide knowledge of technology, industry, and its impact on society.

There will be two keynote sessions in the camp. Earlier, André Barbosa, Chairman of the WIkimedia Portugal Association board and an administrator and bureaucrat of WIkipédia Lusófona was announced as the first keynote speaker. He will deliver an address, ‘Wikimedia as an open data platform.’

To learn more about both sessions, visit this link.

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