CKEditor in Drupal 9: Seven Useful Modules

26 May, 2023

A new blog post published by Specbee emphasizes the power and capabilities of CKEditor and highlights the new features introduced in Drupal 8/9, such as the CKEditor widget system and the Advanced Content Filter (ACF).

The article suggests that while CKEditor offers robust functionality by default, it can be further enhanced with the help of contributed modules and plugins. These add-ons extend CKEditor's features and usability, allowing users to customize and optimize their editing experience.

Furthermore, the article mentions that CKEditor 4.5 is the default WYSIWYG editor in Drupal 8/9, facilitating content creation and editing directly within web pages. It explains that CKEditor is an open-source project and has recently been upgraded with new features, with plans to implement the latest version, CKEditor 5, in Drupal 10 as part of the readiness initiative.

The following are some of the useful modules listed in the articel: 

  • CKEditor Read More 
  • CKEditor Color Button 
  • CKEditor Youtube 
  • CKEditor Templates & CKEditor Templates User Interface
  • CKEditor CodeSnippet

In summary, the article underscores the importance of the content editor in a CMS and highlights CKEditor's role as the default rich text editing tool in Drupal 8/9. It also suggests exploring contributed modules and plugins to enhance CKEditor's capabilities and provides a glimpse into the planned upgrades for Drupal 10. Click here to read the blog post.

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