CodeEnigma Compares Headless Drupal With Monolithic

05 June, 2023

Should one consider headless Drupal or go with the traditional monolithic structure? It is a technology question as well as a business decision there. To help out with it, the first thing to know is the differences between the two and what advantages each of them holds. Thankfully, Code Enigma has ventured out to explain these things in layman's language so that those with little technical expertise could also grasp the subject. 

The blog post 'Headless Drupal versus monolithic' by Maygen Jacques compares headless Drupal with monolithic Drupal, providing insights into the benefits and considerations of each approach. The article, published on January 03, 2023, introduces the concept of headless Drupal, where the front-end and back-end are decoupled, allowing for flexibility in front-end technology choices. It highlights the advantages of headless Drupal, such as improved performance, enhanced user experience, and the ability to leverage various front-end frameworks and technologies.

Additionally, it delves into monolithic Drupal, which refers to the traditional approach where Drupal serves as both the content management system (CMS) and front-end. It discusses the benefits of monolithic Drupal, such as ease of use, a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box features, and simplified maintenance and updates. The article acknowledges that monolithic Drupal is often preferred for smaller projects or those with less complex front-end requirements.

Furthermore, the article clarifies the importance of carefully considering the project requirements and goals when choosing between headless Drupal and monolithic Drupal. It suggests that larger projects with complex front-end needs may benefit from the flexibility and scalability offered by headless Drupal. In comparison, smaller projects or those with simpler front-end requirements may find monolithic Drupal more straightforward and efficient. Ultimately, the decision should be based on a thorough evaluation of the specific project requirements and resources available.

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