Drupal Camp Asheville Calls for Volunteers to Make Community Event a Success

Drupal Camp Asheville, a highly anticipated gathering of Drupal enthusiasts, is calling upon the Drupal community to join as volunteers and contribute to the success of this exciting community event. The organizing team is actively seeking individuals passionate about Drupal and willing to lend their expertise in various technical and non-technical tasks.

Drupal Camp Asheville emphasizes the inclusive and supportive nature of the Drupal community, making it an ideal environment for individuals at all skill levels to contribute and make a difference. No prior experience with event volunteering is necessary, as training and guidance will be provided to all volunteers.

By dedicating their time and expertise, volunteers not only gain hands-on experience and build connections within the Drupal community but also play a vital role in the success of Drupal Camp Asheville, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

To sign up as a volunteer and indicate your preferred area of contribution, visit the Drupal Camp Asheville website and fill out the volunteer registration form. The organizing team welcomes the participation of passionate individuals eager to make a positive impact and help shape the Drupal community.

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