DrupalCon Session Video: Project Update Bot – Road to Drupal 11

23 June, 2023

DrupalCon Pittsburgh session videos are now out for the community members to watch and learn. The video recording of the session conducted by Björn Brala is now available in the DrupalCon YouTube channel. The session titled, "Project update bot - Road to Drupal11," evaluates the functioning of Drupal.org's Project Update Bot. 

Project Update Bot was originally built for the Drupal 8 to 9 upgrade and is running again helping maintainers to make drupal.org projects compatible with Drupal 10 as well. It automatically opens issues in drupal.org projects' issue queues when there is a Drupal 10 incompatibility identified, and provides a best effort fix as well. Then project maintainers and users can further refine the fix and include it in the project at their own timeframe.

The session explores ways to improve the quality of the Project Update Bot so as to help module developers during the whole Drupal 10 lifecycle, helping everyone's transition into Drupal 11 be an even smoother experience. Click here to read the blog post on the session by Björn Brala. Watch the session video below:

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