Tracking IP Addresses with Google Analytics Module: A Guide by Axelerant

Axelerant, a leading digital agency, shared an insightful blog post titled "How To Use The Drupal Google Analytics Module To Track IP Addresses" by Abhai Sasidharan. The blog sheds light on the importance of tracking IP addresses and provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing the Drupal Google Analytics module to accomplish this task effectively.

The Drupal Google Analytics module offers a comprehensive configuration page (admin/config/system/google-analytics) with numerous options for sending custom dimensions and variables. It also allows for the inclusion of code before or after tracker creation and the GA send command. These features enable users to customize their tracking capabilities and enhance the data collected by Google Analytics.

With the assistance of the Drupal Google Analytics module and the insights shared in the blog post, website administrators can successfully track IP addresses and gain a better understanding of their audience's behavior and preferences.

Readers are encouraged to explore the full blog post on the Axelerant website to access the comprehensive guide and code samples. By utilizing the Drupal Google Analytics module effectively, website administrators can unlock the power of IP address tracking and enhance their analytics strategies.

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