Drupal Association Releases Open Web Manifesto

27 June, 2023
open web

The Drupal Association has released its Open Web Manifesto, emphasizing the importance of open access, open standards, free expression, and digital inclusion in today's society. Recognizing the critical role these principles play in the well-being of modern societies, the association aims to actively promote and support the Open Web through its initiatives and collaborations.

To ensure that the Open Web Manifesto truly reflects the needs of the Drupal community, the Drupal Association sought input from its members. The association collected valuable insights and feedback through a comprehensive survey, which served as the foundation for developing the manifesto.

The Drupal Association's leadership, as it embarks on the next chapter of its history, invites the Drupal Community to engage in these efforts. By joining forces with the association, community members can contribute to promoting the Open Web and work towards ensuring that the Internet remains an inclusive, accessible, and free platform for all.

In line with the manifesto's principles, the Drupal Association will advocate for the adoption of open standards, champion digital inclusion initiatives, and encourage the use of open-source technologies. By upholding these values, the association aims to foster an environment that enables collaboration, innovation, and the free exchange of ideas.

With the release of the Open Web Manifesto, the Drupal Association signals its unwavering dedication to the principles that underpin the Open Web. By actively supporting the global community of individuals and organizations committed to an open and inclusive internet, the association aims to strengthen the Open Web's position and safeguard its future.

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