Greece Spring Sprint 2024: Revitalizing the Greek Drupal Community

Greece Spring Sprint 2024

The Greek Drupal Community celebrated a resurgence with the Greece Spring Sprint 2024, where experienced developers across Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras collaborated to address numerous issues. This gathering, supported by E-Sepia Web Innovation and Point Blank, went beyond problem-solving to foster social connections and idea exchanges, demonstrating the community's dynamic spirit. Organizers Panagiotis Moutsopoulos and Kostas Kourakis were especially thanked for their efforts, marking the event as a hopeful precursor to further community activities and meetups.

Additionally, The DropTimes expresses our gratitude towards Georgios Andreadis for his contributions in helping us cover Greece Spring Sprint 2024. Click on the gallery slider to view images captured at the meetup. 

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