Matt Glaman Shares Insights on Profiling Drupal AJAX Requests

30 June, 2023

In a recent blog post titled "Profiling Drupal AJAX requests," Matt Glaman shed light on the intricacies of profiling AJAX requests in Drupal applications for enhanced performance. Glaman's article offers valuable insights into utilizing tools like New Relic, Blackfire, and Xhprof to effectively monitor and optimize the performance of AJAX-driven interactions within Drupal websites.

Glaman emphasizes the importance of monitoring application performance in production environments, highlighting New Relic as a powerful tool for passive performance monitoring. He explains that New Relic provides developers with visibility into potential issues, acting as a smoke detector that alerts them to any underlying problems. However, he notes that for active performance monitoring and comprehensive profiling, Blackfire proves to be an invaluable asset.

In his blog post, Glaman provides detailed instructions and examples on how to profile AJAX requests in Drupal using Blackfire and Xhprof. He explores various scenarios and highlights the key steps developers can take to identify and rectify performance bottlenecks within AJAX-driven functionalities.

Glaman's blog post serves as a valuable resource for Drupal developers seeking to enhance the performance of their applications, especially when dealing with AJAX requests. By leveraging the insights and tools he shared, developers can optimize their code, improve user experiences, and ensure the smooth functioning of Drupal websites.

Click here to read the full blog post by Matt Glaman and gain a deeper understanding of how to profile AJAX requests in Drupal for improved performance.

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