Mike Herchel Demonstrates Drupal 10’s New Twig Filters

The article "Using Drupal 10's New Twig Filters to Set Attributes on Images" discusses the usage of Twig filters in Drupal 10 to manipulate and set attributes on images. Drupal is a popular content management system, and Twig is its templating engine.

The author Mike Herchel explains that Twig filters are used to modify or transform data in Twig templates. With the release of Drupal 10, several new filters have been introduced specifically for manipulating images. These filters allow developers to set attributes such as alt text, width, height, and CSS classes on images directly within the Twig templates.

The article provides examples of how to use these new Twig filters. The author demonstrates how to set alt text for an image by using the image_attributes filter in combination with the alt attribute. Similarly, they show how to set the width and height attributes using the image_width and image_height filters.

Additionally, the article discusses how to add custom CSS classes to images. The addClass filter allows developers to dynamically assign classes to images based on specific conditions or variables. The author concludes by highlighting the benefits of using these Twig filters. They emphasize that this new functionality in Drupal 10 simplifies the process of setting attributes on images within Twig templates, making it easier for developers to customize and enhance the display of images on their Drupal websites.

In summary, the article explains the usage of new Twig filters in Drupal 10 to set attributes on images. It provides examples of how to set alt text, width, height, and CSS classes using these filters and emphasizes the benefits of this functionality in customizing image display in Drupal websites. Click here to read the blog article.

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