Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS

19 July, 2023
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In the ever-evolving world of content management systems (CMS), website owners and developers are constantly seeking more efficient and user-friendly platforms. Recognizing this need, a remote event organised by Backdrop titled "Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS Upgrade" has been scheduled to take place on July 20th, 2023, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm UTC. This informative session aims to guide participants through the process of migrating from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS, providing insights into the tools and techniques involved.

Backdrop CMS, a fork of Drupal 7, offers a fresh approach to website management by delivering a streamlined interface without compromising on the robust functionality that Drupal users have come to appreciate. The upgrade process entails transferring content, configuration settings, and themes from the existing Drupal 7 platform to Backdrop CMS.

During the remote event, industry experts and experienced developers will conduct comprehensive reviews and live demonstrations of the migration tools available. They will discuss the various aspects of the Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS upgrade, providing valuable insights and best practices. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the migration process and acquire the knowledge necessary to ensure a smooth transition for their own websites.

To participate in the "Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS Upgrade" remote event, interested individuals can register online via the event website. Registration ensures access to the live session, as well as any supplementary resources or materials provided by the organizers.

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