San Francisco Airport's Modern Website Makeover with Kanopi Studios

21 July, 2023

In an effort to revamp its digital presence and enhance user experience, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) collaborated with Kanopi Studios to undergo a comprehensive website redesign. The previous website, burdened by outdated technology and a cumbersome navigation system, posed challenges for content administrators and visitors alike.

The existing SFO website, built on an older version of Drupal, presented significant hurdles when it came to updating and managing new information promptly. Faced with the need for a more modern, engaging, and user-friendly platform, the airport sought to modernize its web interface while aligning it with its business objectives.

Recognizing the need for a robust and efficient solution, Kanopi Studios, a leading web development and design agency, embarked on a collaborative journey with various departments within the SFO team. Their goal was to create a website that streamlined content management, boosted user engagement, and brought greater awareness to the airport's vendors and activities.

Kanopi Studios shared how they approached the project with meticulous planning and attention to detail. They worked closely with SFO's teams to understand their specific requirements and priorities. This collaboration laid the foundation for the transformative redesign that followed. Their collective efforts resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced website that seamlessly integrated various features to enhance the overall customer experience. The modernization effort eased users' navigation and effectively supported the airport's strategic goals.

With the new website, SFO can now promote their vital services, vendors, and activities more effectively, allowing travellers and visitors to gain valuable insights into the airport's offerings. Moreover, the updated platform solidifies SFO's position as a technologically progressive airport, staying at the forefront of innovation in the travel industry.

For a deeper understanding of how Kanopi Studios updated the San Francisco Airport's website, visit this page.

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