Webinar on Revamping Websites with Drupal: A Case Study of the Exploratorium

Pantheon has announced an upcoming webinar titled "Streamlining Content Architecture and Publishing in Drupal," scheduled for Thursday, April 4. The webinar aims to shed light on the complexities and solutions associated with large-scale content migration and site reorganization, taking the case study of the Exploratorium's website overhaul as a prime example.

The Exploratorium, recognized as one of the initial 600 websites to emerge on the internet, faced significant challenges in managing and organizing 30 years of diverse content. This content, created by many editors and developers, was scattered across various platforms, including Drupal 7, static websites, and obsolete Flash implementations, leading to a disorganized digital presence affectionately termed a 'Frankensite.' The webinar will explore the journey of transforming this fragmented site into a cohesive, well-structured digital entity.

Attendees of the webinar can look forward to learning about the strategic planning and execution of large-scale migrations to Drupal on the Pantheon platform, specifically focusing on:

  • The restructuring of event-based content to enhance visitor experiences.
  • The deployment of Pantheon’s Advanced Global Content Delivery Network (AGCDN) to launch website sections efficiently.
  • The utilization of Drupal’s JSON API for content delivery to mobile applications, ensuring a seamless user experience across platforms.

The session promises insights into creating a new, streamlined site for the Exploratorium that boasts a modern design and offers an organized, efficient content administration experience. This transformation emphasizes fast performance and improved accessibility for users on both desktop and mobile devices.

The webinar will feature insights from Steve Persch, Director of Developer Experience at Pantheon; Jim Birch, Drupal Engineer Manager at Kanopi; and George Perry, Online Media Manager at the Exploratorium. These speakers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in Drupal development and content strategy, offering valuable lessons for developers, content editors, and digital strategists aiming to enhance their web operations.

Registration for the "Streamlining Content Architecture and Publishing in Drupal" webinar is now open. Pantheon encourages interested parties to reserve their spot. For more details, click here.

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