'Beyond The Build: Drupal Impact' Video Series From Drupal Association

26 July, 2023

Drupal Association has announced the debut of their much-anticipated video series, 'Beyond The Build: Stories of Drupal Impact.' This groundbreaking series aims to showcase the incredible achievements and success stories made possible through Drupal and highlight the collaboration between agencies and their ambitious clients.

In the inaugural episode, viewers will be treated to an exclusive interview with the esteemed web development agency Kanopi Studios and their prestigious client, the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium, known as a historical museum of science, art, and human perception, has partnered with Kanopi Studios to transform its digital presence using the power of Drupal.

The episode delves into the remarkable journey of how Drupal played a pivotal role in reshaping the online experience for the Exploratorium's audience. Through the collaboration with Kanopi Studios, the museum has offered an engaging and immersive digital platform that showcases its exhibits, educates visitors, and fosters a deeper connection with science and art enthusiasts worldwide.

The 'Beyond The Build: Stories of Drupal Impact' series promises to shed light on the innovative strategies, creative solutions, and technical expertise employed by Drupal agencies and their clients to achieve outstanding results. By sharing these inspiring stories, the Drupal Association aims to celebrate the platform's versatility and capacity to drive positive change across diverse industries.

Stay tuned for more episodes featuring remarkable projects and collaborations that elevate Drupal's position as a leading open-source content management system, empowering ambitious endeavours and driving innovation in the digital landscape.

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