Twin Cities Drupal Happy Hour at Venn Brewing

31 July, 2023

The perfect occasion to unwind and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts arises as summer graces the Twin Cities with its warm embrace. Drupal specialists and web development wizards are invited to indulge in an evening of casual conversation and camaraderie at the Drupal Happy Hour, hosted at the delightful Venn Brewing in South Minneapolis.

With the sun setting on Thursday, August 03, at around 5:30 pm, this Twin Cities gathering promises an enjoyable experience. Whether discussing Drupal's latest advancements or engaging in free-flowing conversations, the Happy Hour welcomes everyone to join in the fun.

The event aims to foster connections among like-minded individuals, providing a platform to share experiences, insights, and a passion for technology in a laid-back setting. Whether an expert in Drupal development or an eager learner, all are encouraged to participate in this social gathering, which promises to be both enjoyable and enriching.

While many are expected to arrive around 6:00 pm, the organizers warmly welcome early birds, with the doors opening at 5:30 pm. So, mark your calendars and set your compass for Venn Brewing on August 03 for an evening that promises to be an absolute delight for all.

Please note that registration is required to secure your spot for this event. Embrace the summer vibes, bask in the friendly atmosphere, and be part of the Drupal Happy Hour at Venn Brewing—a celebration of technology, community, and good cheer in the heart of the Twin Cities.

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