Drupal Happy Hour: Minneapolis Community Gathers at Venn Brewing


Venn Brewing

Local Drupal enthusiasts in Minneapolis are gearing up for a networking and discussion opportunity as they prepare for the November 2, Drupal Happy Hour event at Venn Brewing. Organized by Dan Ficker, the gathering, slated from 5:30 to 8:30 PM in South Minneapolis, invites members of the community to engage in conversations about Drupal and more over a selection of beers or non-alcoholic options offered by Venn Brewing. With the arrival of fall and the impending winter season, the event aims to provide a cozy indoor space for participants to share their insights, experiences, and queries about Drupal.

Set against the backdrop of Minnesota's seasonal shift, the Drupal Happy Hour at Venn Brewing presents an informal yet valuable opportunity for those interested in Drupal and related discussions. As part of the Twin Cities Drupal group activities, the event encourages attendees to delve into Drupal conversations while enjoying the offerings at Venn Brewing, including the occasional food truck for dinner or group-ordered local delicacies. 

The relaxed ambiance also facilitates interactions beyond Drupal discussions, potentially involving board games and fostering a sense of community engagement. Participants can refer to the Twin Cities Drupal group page for the complete schedule and further event details, aiming to foster a sense of camaraderie and knowledge exchange within the local Drupal community.

Please register to sign up for this event.

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