Drupal Happy Hour at Venn Brewing - September 7th

04 September, 2023

The Twin Cities Drupal community is gearing up for an exciting evening of networking, Drupal discussions, and a touch of Disney/Pixar magic at Venn Brewing in South Minneapolis on Thursday, September 7th. Hosted by Twin Cities, the Drupal Happy Hour promises to be a fantastic opportunity for local Drupal enthusiasts to connect and have a great time.

The gathering is set to kick off at around 5:30 p.m. at Venn Brewing, a popular venue known for its ample space and an impressive array of rotating taps. Attendees can look forward to engaging in conversations about Drupal, web development, and anything else that piques their interest.

One highlight of the evening will be the Disney/Pixar Trivia event scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. Drupal enthusiasts can put their knowledge of Disney and Pixar films to the test as they participate in the fun and challenging trivia competition.

In the past, these meetups have even seen spontaneous board games breaking out late into the night, offering a chance for attendees to unwind and bond over some friendly competition.

If you're a Drupal aficionado, a web developer, or simply interested in meeting like-minded individuals, don't miss out on the September 7th Drupal Happy Hour at Venn Brewing. It's an opportunity to mingle with the local tech community, learn, share, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

To RSVP for the event and secure your spot, sign up for the September 7th Drupal Happy Hour at Venn Brewing. Get ready for an evening of Drupal, fun, and a bit of Disney/Pixar magic.

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