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The anticipation is building as the Twin Cities DrupalCamp 2023 gears up to provide two days of illuminating sessions and unconference interactions in Minneapolis, MN, on September 14-15. This unique event serves as a vibrant platform for global Drupal enthusiasts to convene, exchange ideas, and immerse themselves in the world of web development.

The camp promises a rich knowledge-sharing experience with over 30 seminars covering areas such as Drupal and other related topics. The early bird pricing of $50, which includes lunch, presents an accessible opportunity to partake in the informative discussions and networking opportunities that await. 

Notably, Tiffany Farris, CEO and owner of Palantir.net, will be the camp's keynote speaker. Farris will go into Drupal's past, present, and future, providing insights that participants will surely appreciate. Furthermore, the camp's sponsorship lineup, including notable sponsors like Us Creative Works, TEN7, Horizontal Digital, and Electric Citizen, emphasizes these organizations' vital role in supporting the Drupal community.

As the event draws near, the Twin Cities DrupalCamp 2023 stands poised to be a convergence of expertise, innovation, and collaboration. With sessions, speakers, and sponsors of caliber, it embodies the essence of the Drupal community's dedication to growth and knowledge sharing. For more information, visit the website.

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