PHP X-Ray: Your Path to Effortless Website Performance Enhancement

24 August, 2023
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CloudLinux OS Shared Pro has rolled out a solution aimed squarely at banishing performance bottlenecks that have long plagued dynamic websites powered by content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Enter PHP X-Ray, a revolutionary tool poised to redefine the landscape of performance optimization.

As per the latest blog by Duplika, PHP X-Ray functions as an internal monitoring system, offering insights to websites hosted on CloudLinux OS Shared Pro servers. It becomes the guiding light in the quest to dissect resource usage, enabling users to pinpoint the heart of high resource consumption issues. This intuitive tool unveils the culprits: lethargic plugins, sluggish database queries, tardy functions, or lagging external calls.

Unlocking the power of PHP X-Ray is a straightforward endeavor. Users navigate to their website's control panel, typically found at, customizing '' with their actual URL. Once inside, an intuitive interface awaits, simplifying the selection of the target domain, specifying a URL "mask" (even covering the entire site is an option), and triggering the scan.

What follows is a comprehensive report highlighting the most significant performance hurdles, empowering users to execute targeted actions – from uninstalling problematic plugins to optimizing resource-hungry components.

PHP X-Ray is the catalyst that empowers website administrators to take a proactive stance in elevating site performance and the user experience. This indispensable addition to the toolkit of PHP-based website managers holds the promise of streamlining the arduous process of identifying and rectifying performance bottlenecks, ultimately ensuring seamless and efficient web experiences for all users. For deeper insights, visit the blog for the full article.

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