Open Website Alliance Launched by Leading CMS Platforms at FOSDEM

Image from FOSDEM

Gábor Hojtsy and others at FOSDEM 2024

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Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, and WordPress have jointly announced the establishment of the Open Website Alliance at FOSDEM 2024 on 4th February 2025. The Alliance is aimed at fostering collaboration among open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) representing the combined force behind over 50% of current websites, the Alliance's charter emphasizes the promotion and defense of open-source principles. 

Structured as a collaboration body rather than a legal entity, the Alliance is focused on promoting and defending the rights of open-source projects whilst striving to create a better web. The organization pledges to encourage website owners and developers to opt for open-source software over proprietary systems, emphasizing the pivotal role of this decision in any website project. The Alliance seeks to expand opportunities for all open-source CMS projects by championing this advocacy.

The charter, outlined in detailed provisions, covers the membership criteria, structure, purpose, and governance of the Alliance. Members must adhere to the Open Web Manifesto, reflecting a commitment to the open web and its impact as a digital public good. The credit for the manifesto is attributed to the Drupal Association, acknowledging its foundational influence in shaping the Alliance's core principles and commitments.  

For more information, the charter can be accessed at  

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