NSW Food Authority Engages with Morpht for GovCMS Migration

Three people inside a factory wearing masks and coats

The New South Wales (NSW) Food Authority has successfully revamped its website in collaboration with Morpht, a web development expert.  The case study by Morpht shares that the project aimed to migrate the NSW website's content from TRIM WCMS to GovCMS while enhancing its accessibility and mobile responsiveness. The challenge included handling thousands of HTML pages, XML unique pages, and files while integrating external systems for features like the 'Name and Shame' registers. Additionally, the project involved sourcing content images stored on a separate server.

Morpht's solution encompassed restructuring the information architecture, creating automated scripts for content extraction, and defining content types for better organisation. Several registers were developed to consume and export XML data feeds, enhancing user experience. The website also integrated interactive tools to educate consumers about food labelling and help startup businesses understand their food safety requirements.

The design refresh kick-started by implementing bespoke Drupal Distribution for GovCMS - Convivial. The refresh focused on usability, accessibility, and discoverability, simplifying layouts while adhering to the NSW Design System. This project emphasizes leveraging the power and security of Drupal as a content management system (CMS). 

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