The Land of Spices Hosts the 24th Debian Conference, DebConf'23!

"DebConf'23 is beyond technical buzzwords and jargons, its the Debian family get-together"
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How long is the distance between Prizren, Kosovo, and Kochi, India? 8,145kms precisely! Just last year, the Debian community gathered in Prizren, Kosovo, and now, it’s time to soak in the flavours of Kerala, India, where the 24th Debian Conference is set to kick off. Highlighting the global reach and inclusivity of this extraordinary tribe, in a week, Kochi is about to witness the DebConf’23 from September 10, Sunday to September 17, Sunday.

The Conference is preceded by the annual Debian Camp that began yesterday, September 03, 2023, and lasts until September 09, 2023.

Widely regarded as the Universal Operating System, Debian is not merely a combination of codes; it’s a worldwide community committed to the principle of free software. Its dedication to providing a dependable, free software ecosystem makes it a vital player in the world of technology.

It is also interesting to note that all the government schools in Kerala use a Debian-based Gnu/Linux operating system called IT@School Linux.

“DebConf is different for different people. For some, it’s about the technical buzz and the opportunity of working together. For others, it’s the joy of a festival time where they meet their family members”, 

said Sruthi Chandran, Lead organiser, DebConf’23.

Being a voluntary project, the Debian community essentially functions under the remote collaboration of contributors and developers. Debian Camps and Conference is once a year, when they come together and even work together.

People working together
Debian Camp 2023 is in action. Source: DebConf'23

While Debian Camp is not necessarily attended by those attending the Conference, it’s an opportunity for the Debian stakeholders to come together to work and interact with each other, many of whom have had the chance to build acquaintances virtually. The conference schedule is packed with talks, workshops, and discussions spanning a wide range of topics, showcasing the depth and diversity of the open-source ecosystem.

Together with activities such as the traditional ‘Bits from the DPL’ talk (this year by Jonathan Carter, the Debian Project Leader), lightning talks, event talks, discussion sessions, Birds of a Feather (BoF) gatherings, workshops, and activities DebConf’23 is prepared to accommodate both the novices and tech wizards. For those who can’t attend the event in person, every session is streamed online and carefully curated by designated video directors. The delegates would also be the volunteers for the event.

“Catering to its vibrant and diverse community, DebConf is not only packed with intellectual sessions but with a plethora of other activities”, 

adds Praveen Arimbrathodiyil, organiser, DebConf’23.

Beyond the intellectual exchange, the Debian Conference is also about building camaraderie. With activities like the Conference dinner at the exquisite Bolgatty Palace in Kochi and a delightful Cheese and Wine Party, attendees can connect and forge lasting relationships. Moreover, a one-day trip to one of Kerala’s iconic locations adds a touch of adventure and exploration to the event.

“The talks might be limited to five or six a day, but unlike the usual conferences, all the activities planned for DebConf’23 will keep the vibe lively for 24 hours. Our main aim is to make the Debian family a better place”, 

added Sruthi Chandran.

With almost 400 registrations, including a substantial international presence, DebConf 24 promises to be a vibrant celebration of freedom, liberty, open source, collaboration, and the enduring power of community. It’s not just about the software; it’s about the people who breathe life into it. Learn more about this community and DebConf’23here.

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