Streamline Drupal Development with 'Drupal at Your Fingertips' eBook

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Selwyn Polit, a seasoned developer, has compiled a valuable resource for Drupal 9 and 10 developers in his ebook titled "Drupal at your fingertips: A Drupal 9 & 10 developer's quick code reference." This comprehensive guide spans 566 pages and is packed with tried-and-tested code snippets used in real-world scenarios to build secure, high-performance, and scalable websites.

Throughout his career, Selwyn has accumulated a vast collection of notes and code, making this ebook a go-to reference for developers working on Drupal projects. With code samples covering nearly every aspect of Drupal development, developers can quickly find the snippets they need without the hassle of extensive online searches. The author's goal is to streamline the development process and help fellow developers efficiently tackle their tasks, making this ebook an invaluable asset for the Drupal community.

To get your hands on this free ebook, click here.

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