Drupal Day Portugal 2023 Happens Today!

Antenna / unsplash

Drupal Portugal Association is gearing up for Drupal Day 2023, an eagerly anticipated event set to take place today September 15th at DETI - University of Aveiro. This event is the largest gathering of the year for the thriving Drupal community in Portugal. Drupal has garnered recognition and widespread use among institutions and programmers globally, and Drupal Day 2023 aims to showcase its capabilities.

The event's schedule covers a wide range of topics, including how to use Drupal effectively, real-world examples of Drupal in action, and the latest updates in the Drupal world. Whether you're already familiar with Drupal or just getting started, Drupal Day 2023 has something for you. 

The Drupal Portugal Association invites everyone who's interested in technology, especially Drupal, to join in. It's a day where you can learn new things, connect with others, and discover all the cool things you can do with Drupal. Registration for Drupal Day 2023 is ongoing, and those interested can secure their spots by visiting the official website of the Drupal Portugal Association.

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