Drupal Charting Course for an Innovative Future


Alex Moreno, a seasoned figure in the Drupal community, recently shared his insights about the future of Drupal and its potential for innovation. In his blog post dated September 12, 2023, on Drupal Association website, Moreno, who has been actively involved in various Drupal roles for nearly two decades, including developer relations and program management at the Drupal Association, explored Drupal's evolving identity.

The blog post begins by reflecting on Dries Buytaert's vision for Drupal, emphasizing that Drupal has transcended its origins as a simple Content Management System (CMS). Moreno poses a fundamental question: What does "bigger" mean for Drupal? He explores the idea of Drupal serving as a tool for building applications or even evolving into an AI toolset.

Innovation takes center stage in the post, echoing its prominence at Drupalcon Pittsburgh. Moreno notes that while the Drupal community has generated exciting ideas, there's a pressing concern: Are these innovations visible enough beyond the Drupal community to attract new talent? He highlights Drupal's 20-year journey, showcasing its ability to adapt and thrive amid rapid technological changes and its status as a public good benefiting numerous individuals and organizations.

Key takeaways include:

  • The importance of embracing decoupled architectures.
  • Attracting new and younger developers.
  • Dispelling misconceptions about Drupal's relevance and modernization.

Moreno calls on the Drupal community to proactively communicate the platform's advancements and developer-friendly nature to external audiences, fostering innovation and growth.

In conclusion, Moreno's message radiates optimism, focusing on Drupal's potential as the preferred CMS for modern frameworks like Vue, NextJS, or ReactJS. He emphasizes collaborative efforts across communities and stresses the need to make Drupal's remarkable technology known far beyond its existing developer base.

The article paints a hopeful picture of Drupal's future, underlining the importance of preparation and preserving Drupal's innovative spirit. See the full blog post here.

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