TYPO3 Meets Drupal: Insights from DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

Mathias Bolt Lesniak, a distinguished Board Member at TYPO3, recently shared his firsthand experiences from DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023. This four-day extravaganza, hailed as the largest Drupal event in the USA for 2023, proved to be a remarkable intersection of open-source communities. It provided a platform for cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration, transcending technological, cultural, and national boundaries.

The event was anything but ordinary, featuring a rich tapestry of talks, workshops, and all-day seminars, coupled with dedicated time for contributions. Beyond the presentations and discussions, DrupalCon Pittsburgh offered a unique opportunity for TYPO3 and Drupal communities to learn from one another, understand how they organize events, build communities, tackle challenges, and celebrate successes.

While Drupal and TYPO3 may employ different approaches to content management, beneath the surface, these two communities share a commonality in solving web publishing challenges using similar tools and third-party dependencies. This shared foundation serves as a fertile ground for mutual learning and collaboration.

One of the highlights of the event was Mathias Bolt Lesniak's engaging talk on the "Big Impact of Open Source." Lesniak's talk was not only accepted by the event organizers but also garnered immense enthusiasm from the audience. The interactive session extended into an intriguing Q&A, transforming it into a captivating hour-long discussion.

Lesniak's participation in DrupalCon Pittsburgh epitomized the essence of the "Meet TYPO3" initiative. It exemplified TYPO3's commitment to fostering connections and collaboration across open-source communities. By transcending boundaries, TYPO3 and Drupal found common ground, reinforcing the idea that in the world of open source, knowledge knows no borders.

To dive deeper into Mathias Bolt Lesniak's experiences at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 and gain valuable insights into the synergy between TYPO3 and Drupal, we invite you to read the full blog post.

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