Data Security Alert: Drupal 9's Image URL Challenge Sparks Community Concern

24 September, 2023

A blog post by Tos Web Developer discusses an issue about handling image URLs upon the deletion of associated articles within the Drupal 9 content management system. This situation has raised concerns within the Drupal community, particularly regarding data security and user access control, points out the blog post.  

The issue becomes evident when utilizing the article content type in Drupal 9. Articles, complete with titles, bodies, and associated images, can be created. However, a critical flaw emerges when one copies the URL of an image embedded within an article. Even after the article is deleted, the image URL remains accessible, deviating from the expected behaviour. Ideally, when an article containing an image is deleted, the article and its associated image should be removed entirely, rendering the URL inaccessible.

This anomaly underscores the significance of addressing data security and user access control within Drupal 9. Deleted content and associated assets should not linger in the digital realm, accessible via direct URLs. This challenge presents an opportunity for the Drupal community to refine data management practices and bolster user protection measures, ensuring that content removal is comprehensive and irreversible. For a detailed read, visit the blog post

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