WordPress Migrate Module Achieves Drupal 10 Compatibility

25 September, 2023

The WordPress Migrate module, designed for Drupal, has recently marked a significant milestone with its latest release, version 8.x-3.0-alpha6, making it compatible with Drupal 9 and Drupal 10. This module, created by Mike Ryan, serves as a vital tool for seamlessly migrating WordPress blog exports (in WXR format) into the Drupal ecosystem, utilizing the power of the Migrate module now integrated into Drupal 8's core.

WordPress Migrate simplifies the transition from WordPress to Drupal by facilitating the import of various essential components, including posts, pages, comments, attachments, tags, and categories. Users can confidently import their WordPress content into Drupal, ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining content integrity. Furthermore, the module offers the convenience of rolling back imports entirely, adding a layer of flexibility for users.

The recent compatibility update for Drupal 9 and 10 reaffirms the module's commitment to staying current and relevant within the community. This release represents a collaborative effort between the Drupal community and supporting organizations like Feidt Design, highlighting the open-source spirit that drives innovation within the Drupal ecosystem.

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