Top 7 Drupal Web Application Development Companies in India

Drupal from ages past has been compared with WordPress and other content management systems. Though at one point in time it might have been comparable, the gap in functionality and features offered has really widened beyond comprehension. It is like comparing a lion and a pussycat- yes they are of the same family but they are two extremes. What you can achieve with Drupal and what can be achieved through WordPress are worlds apart! 

Drupal has also been called a web application framework1. Drupal is written in PHP and uses Symfony, so yes Drupal meets the feature requirements needed for a web application framework.

What is Web Application Development?

Web applications are programs that are dynamically run on a web server and are accessed through a web browser. Both client-side and server-side programs are developed in this process2. The arrival of Ajax made it possible to create better, faster, and more interactive web applications. Popular software like Mailchimp, PowerPoint, MS Word, even Facebook uses web-based applications to provide unique, personalized content.

Importance of Drupal in the Web Application Development Process

Drupal is a free and open-source software and is one of the many reasons why it is limitless in its prowess to build a digital experience platform for your site visitors to browse and enjoy. Another reason is flexibility. If you just need a simple blog, yes WordPress should be your best bet, but if you want your site to have a lot more such as you want to integrate different payment gateways, or CRMs, analytics tools, social media, marketing automation, native apps, etc then Drupal offers you the best possible options.

Another reason is security. For some mission-critical sites and applications, security is crucial: Especially government sites, financial organizations, etc. Sites using Drupal development are resilient against such critical internet vulnerabilities and have a dedicated Security team that ensures that they identify and mitigate such potential vulnerabilities. Read in detail about what Drupal has to offer in terms of its multilingual capability, performance and scaling, WCAG compliance, marketing automation capability, content authoring, personalization, Content-as-a-Service (CaaS), etc in "What does drupal have to offer".

The founder and creator of Drupal, Dries Buytaert is the first one to call Drupal a Digital Experience Platform, which it truly is. With Drupal, you can transform your website into a digital application platform with all possible features: Your need and vision is the only limit.

Is your site not on Drupal? Then do consult with a Drupal development company to see if Drupal is best for your site? has a list of the various Drupal Development companies that offer its Drupal services at a reasonable rate. India has the third-largest number of organizations providing Drupal Services, registered country-wise right behind the United States(1266) and the United Kingdom (497).

Drupal Web Application Development in India

There are 390 companies registered in as having offices in India. India has been a growing hub for Drupal development since 2011.

Dries on his visit to India3 for the DrupalCon Asia was taken by surprise by the excitement and energy about Drupal among the Drupal Community in India. In fact, many Drupal development companies have set up offices in India to tap into that drive and budding talent from India.

Listed below are the top seven Drupal Web Application Development Companies in India. This is in no particular order.

  1. Acquia  
  2. Zyxware Technologies
  3. Srijan  
  4. QED42
  5. Specbee
  6. OpenSense Labs
  7. Valuebound

Drupal development is adapting and thriving, keeping pace with the advancement in digital technology. Drupal Web Application Development Companies in India are an integral part of this leap forward. As said before, the only limitation you can have with the Drupal web application developed for you, is the limit you put in terms of budget and features you want on the site. Don’t you agree?



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