DrupalCon Lille Recap on Automated Testing by SystemSeed

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BoF Sessiob by SystemSeed at DrupalCon Lille 2023

Recently, a DrupalCon discussion in Lille delved into the practicalities and benefits of automated acceptance testing, spearheaded by Branimir Juranić from SystemSeed. Focused on expediting the acceptance process across client projects, Juranić highlighted the importance of automated acceptance tests, which simulate user actions within a testing tool to detect code flaws, exemplified through login procedures.

This discussion emphasized the cost-saving benefits of automated testing over manual methods, enabling faster feedback loops, efficient resource allocation, and heightened accuracy through error-free script execution. SystemSeed's approach, using tools like Codeception, was elucidated, showcasing a methodical process involving segregated test functions for improved readability and maintenance, while utilizing XPath to test specific page elements.

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SystemSeed's BoF Session on Automated Testing

Juranić shares personal experiences, praising the intuitive nature of automated testing, particularly through Codeception's compatibility with PHP in his latest blog post, "A Discussion on Automated Testing." Notably, the session revealed that many participants were yet to adopt automated testing, with some solely engaged in manual testing or content testing. Juranić expressed the desire for future discussions to focus more on guiding participants in setting up automated tests for their projects. 

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