Efficient Content Migration: Lessons Learned from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10

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The prospect of upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 is gaining the attention of many long-time Drupal users, and the latest blog post by Liao Zi1 is simplifying the task.

For those dealing with a substantial number of modules in Drupal 7, the upgrade process, known as "Migrate Drupal," can be less than smooth. A recent approach gaining traction involves leveraging the JSON import method, which offers higher data format integrity.

By installing modules like feeds and feeds_ex in Drupal 10, users can utilize JSONPATH and refer to relevant resources for guidance on writing their content. This method allows for the seamless migration of content in JSON format, demonstrating its effectiveness with successful transfers of over 7,000 items at a time.

For those considering transitioning from other platforms to Drupal, the process can also be streamlined. In the case of moving from Joomla to Drupal a few years ago, users effectively exported content to CSV using phpMyAdmin and then imported it using feeds.

Meanwhile, those who have worked with WordPress and explored using Pods for column creation may have encountered presentation challenges. Although WordPress utilizes Meta for columns, issues arise when displaying multiple pieces of information on the same page. 

The article hints at the potential for improved automation to overcome these hurdles, ultimately highlighting Drupal's advantages in content presentation and management views.

  • 1Liao Zi, Liao Zi's Black and White Notes (Blog), Original Title (in Chinese Traditional): "DRUPAL 升級或其他站轉成DRUPAL筆記" English Title (Translation): "Drupal Upgrade or Other Sites Converted to Drupal Notes," Dated November 03, 2023, URL: https://liaozi.blogspot.com/2023/11/drupal-drupal.html

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