Women in Drupal Luncheon at DrupalCon Portland 2024: A Convergence for Change

A Discussion by "the Lonely Only" Women in Tech!
Women in Drupal Luncheon at DrupalCon Portland 2024: A Convergence for Change

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Portland, DrupalCon 2024 has already begun. The biggest open-source event in North America serves as a beacon for professionals across the tech industry. Among its many enlightening sessions, the Women in Drupal Luncheon, scheduled for tomorrow, May 7, 2024, from 12:20 to 13:20 PDT in Room 204 of the Oregon Ballroom, stands out as a significant event aimed at addressing and tackling the challenges faced by women in a historically male-dominated tech landscape.

"Technology has always been a historically male-dominated industry. While we have made strides in specific areas, there is still a stigma that creates a glass ceiling and ultimately fosters an environment that is NOT inclusive or equitable. Forget about diversity or a feeling of belonging."

said the Women in Drupal Luncheon team in a conversation with The DropTimes [TDT] about their most promising upcoming session in DrupalCon Portland 2024.

"The Lonely Only: Women in Tech and Navigating a Male-Dominated Landscape" features a compelling discussion by four leading figures from Four Kitchens. This company exemplifies the integration of diversity and inclusion into its core values. The panellists include Sebastianna Skalisky, a Content Strategist; Laura Johnson, a Team Lead and Senior Engineer; Jenna Harris, who spearheads Business Development; and Shanice Ortiz, the Director of Projects. 

The Women in Drupal Luncheon
Top: Sebastianna Skalisky, Laura Johnson| Bottom: Jenna Harris, Shanice Ortiz

If you’re a woman in tech, you might know what it feels like to be “the lonely only.” Most of these women have been—or are currently—the only women in their department or even at their company. 

These panellists bring a wealth of experience from various sectors within the tech industry, including business development, creative roles, project delivery, and engineering, making them uniquely positioned to speak on the nuances of being often the only woman in their respective fields. They will touch on how these areas intersect and how women in these positions need to work together to keep “taking up space,” not only for themselves but for women entering the tech industry in the future. 

"We all landed in tech in various ways, and while all of our stories are different, the underlying themes remain consistent."

noted the team.

During the luncheon, these distinguished panellists will share their personal journeys and the collective challenges they face, such as overcoming Imposter Syndrome, the urgent need for more women in leadership roles, and the importance of the "Lift as you climb" philosophy, which emphasizes the responsibility of current leaders to pave the way for future generations. Discussions will also delve into the critical roles of allyship and advocacy, not only from fellow women but also from men within the tech community, highlighting how essential it is for everyone in the industry to actively participate in fostering an inclusive environment.

When asked what led the panellists to decide on this topic, they replied,

"We wanted to lean into a DEIB angle and being some of the only women in our respective departments and part of a few within the company overall, this overlap became a no-brainer as a topic of importance."

Women in Drupal Luncheon

The challenges highlighted in this session are reflective of broader issues within the tech industry, such as significant pay disparities, underrepresentation in senior roles, and pervasive sexism and discrimination—issues that not only hinder professional growth for women but also affect their emotional well-being and sense of belonging in the workplace. By addressing these topics, the session aims to equip attendees with practical tools and insights to navigate and reshape their professional terrains.

"There will be some reference on the importance of the key topics, how they are related to one another, and how we can all collectively do better to be better."

"There will also be some nuance mentioned in regards to women who have been chosen for roles based on their outward appearance, as well as, those who have been passed over for roles they were more than qualified for also based on appearance."

Moreover, the "Women in Drupal Luncheon" is more than just a panel discussion; it is a rallying point for fostering a sense of empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. It promises to offer attendees the opportunity to resonate with the stories shared, feel heard, and leave with a renewed commitment to advancing the presence and impact of women in their organizations and beyond. This session will also provide practical insights on how women can navigate this lonely space with efficient tools.

In a world where the representation of women in tech is still very far from proportional, sessions like these are crucial. The Women in Drupal Luncheon led by Four Kitchens not only spotlight the ongoing struggles but also celebrate the strides being made towards a more inclusive industry. For those interested in being part of this change, DrupalCon Portland 2024 is the place to be, and the session is not to miss. For more details about the session, attendees are encouraged to visit the official DrupalCon Portland website.

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