Beyond Blocks Podcast Debuts Soon with Matt Glaman

08 November, 2023

After stepping into the podcast host role for the first time, Oliver Davies recently interviewed Matt Glaman, the Principal Software Engineer at Acquia. The debut episode of the 'Beyond Blocks podcast' centered around Glaman's pioneering project, Retrofit

Retrofit is a Drupal module designed to simplify migration from the soon-to-be-obsolete Drupal 7 to the upcoming Drupal 10. With Drupal 7's end of life imminent in January 2025, Retrofit helps aid the transition to a modern version of Drupal. 

The discussion also touched upon Glaman's other significant contributions to the Drupal community, spotlighting PHPStan Drupal and Drupal-check as part of his extensive portfolio of projects.

Expressing gratitude to Glaman for gracing the inaugural episode of the Beyond Blocks podcastDavies mentioned that although more guest episodes are lined up for the week, the conversation with Glaman will soon be available for the audience. The episode promises to offer valuable insights and an engaging discussion on the impending Drupal upgrades, a topic of utmost relevance to the community in light of the scheduled end of life for Drupal 7 in 2025. 

Access more information here.

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