LocalGov Drupal Tutorial #2: Set Up Your Website Locally Using DDEV

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Marios Ioannidis delves into the LocalGov Drupal series by ORION WEB with the second tutorial, elucidating the process of setting up a LocalGov Drupal website locally using DDEV. This guide serves as an alternative to utilizing Lando, showcasing the step-by-step procedure to initialize the LocalGov Drupal project on a local machine. The tutorial emphasizes the core requirements for installation, namely Composer, Docker Desktop, and DDEV, and concentrates on the utilization of DDEV—a Docker-based local development tool.

The tutorial provides comprehensive installation instructions tailored for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux users. Detailing the processes for each operating system facilitates a user-friendly approach to setup. Through a systematic walkthrough, the article covers the creation of the LocalGov Drupal project, the initialization of DDEV, and the installation of Composer dependencies, enabling users to seamlessly establish their LocalGov Drupal website. 

The tutorial culminates in guiding users through the site installation using Drush, offering insights into accessing the Drupal administrator account and the subsequent exploration of LocalGov Drupal features. Throughout the tutorial, Ioannidis encourages readers to explore the benefits of the LocalGov Drupal platform and invites feedback on the provided guidance. With a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, ORION WEB aims to empower developers to explore and contribute to the growing LocalGov Drupal community, contributing to the development of secure and efficient Council websites. Learn more here

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