DrupalTO Meetup: AI Unleashed on December 5, 2023

15 November, 2023

DrupalTO announced its upcoming in-person meetup scheduled for December 5, 2023, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM ETC. Join the vibrant Drupal community in Toronto for an insightful evening featuring a presentation by Pierre Marcel on "AI Unleashed in Drupal: Today's Landscape and Tomorrow's Potential."

Pierre Marcel will delve into the latest AI capabilities integrated into Drupal. From current advancements to future possibilities, the presentation promises an engaging exploration of AI's role in shaping the Drupal landscape.

Following the presentation, attendees are encouraged to participate in a lively group discussion. Share your questions, insights, and experiences related to AI in Drupal, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange.

The evening doesn't end with the presentation. Stay afterwards for networking opportunities and casual Drupal discussions over drinks. Connect with fellow Drupal enthusiasts, expand your professional network, and immerse yourself in the vibrant DrupalTO community.

Visit [insert link] for additional details about the event, venue, and registration. Don't miss this chance to be a part of the evolving conversation on AI in Drupal. Join the event on December 5th for an evening of learning, networking, and Drupal camaraderie!

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